Crosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services is owned by myself Paul Crosbie, back in 2004 after spending 20 years buying and selling confectionery, I started a new company called Jet Stream Drive Clean. The aim of the company was to offer a service in our local area in cleaning driveways and patios, the ultimate goal was to learn the art of cleaning paving, make contacts with all the necessary suppliers in the industry and prove its profitability.

Once this was completed the next step was to offer out our business concept as a “business opportunity” to likeminded business individuals who are looking to change their working life, it worked similar to a franchise but the individual owned their business 100% to themselves, with full back and support from us
Then I met a Mr Andy Whiting on a training course in London. Andy owned a company called Spinaclean Ltd we soon learned that we shared a similar vision for our businesses.

We started sharing jobs and helped one another on larger projects.
One of the first people we helped launch their own business was a Mr Mark Nice, we sub-contracted work out to Mark and given his background in keeping accounts and logistics he offered office back up and support.

Then in September 2011 we amalgamated the two companies and went under the name of Spinaclean Ltd, with Andy, Mark and mself as the three company directors. With the company set up and combining our three skill sets it was full steam ahead.

Given Andy’s background in engineering he came up with the SkyVac a machine that can clean gutters from the safety of the ground utilising a very power industrial wet and dry vacuum unit, combined with super lightweight super strong carbon fibre suction poles and on-board camera system.

Fast forward to 2019 with 1000’s of individuals taking advantage of the Spinaclean Business Opportunity’s and the SkyVac being exported all over the World, I decided it was time to slow down a little bit. Both Andy and Mark were very supportive of my decision and I left Spinaclean in a 100% amicable arrangement in October 2019.

Crosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services will be lifelong friends with Spinaclean Ltd

So if you go onto You Tube and search Spinaclean you will be able to view the 100’s of videos I produced for Spinaclean over the years, and you will be able to see your cleaning goals and improvements will be in safe hands with us here at Crosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services

Paul Crosbie