Has your driveway, patio or car park become dirty?
Is it covered in moss and weeds?
Is it in need of a thorough deep clean to restore them back to their former glory?
Are you dreading pressure washing your paving yourself and getting in a mess doing it?

There is no need to worry Crosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services are your local professional driveway, patio and car park cleaning specialists

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Driveway cleaners Milton Keynes


Driveway cleaners Buckingham


Our 10 Stage Pressure Washing Process

  • Application of weed killer (if required)
  • Sweep down prior to cleaning
  • Application of degreasing agent to remove oil stains (if required)
  • Deep clean the paving using our high-powered pressure washer and specialist rotary cleaner, which keeps all the mess on the floor under control and not all over the surrounding areas
  • Rinse down the cleaned areas
  • Turbo wash to clean any steps and dwarf walls built into the paving, plus clean up to the edges, and carry out spot check to get any bits that have been missed
  • Final rinse down
  • Application of Soft Washing solution to kill of any lichen spots and to kill any seeds waiting to grow into weeds (if required)
  • For block paving back fill the joints with fresh kiln dried sand (there will be more kiln dried sand in your block paving than when we started)
  • All areas to be left clean and tidy after works have been completed

We can deep clean

Block Paving


Floated Concrete

Paving slabs

Indian Sandstone

Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC)

All types of environments including

Domestic Properties large and small



Shopping Centres

Leisure Centres

Public Houses

Building Developments


Office and Industrial/Commercial Trading Estates

With a proven pressure washing cleaning process in place this will ensure customer satisfaction time and time again, utilising our state of the art pressure washer systems we will be able to power through the square metres quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to you our customer

Our specialist rotary cleaner

The nozzles on the rotary arm are angled at approximately 5° in opposite directions to one another.

As the water exits the nozzles it creates a fan shape, the rotary arm spins around at an incredible 2000 times per minute which means that the water cuts through the dirt and slices through the moss on top of the surface with ease.

In the case of block paving the rotary cleaner is designed to remove the jointing sand down to a depth a 15mm (a normal jet washer could potentially remove all the jointing sand therefore affect the stabilisation of the blocks)

This 15mm of jointing sand needs to be removed as it is dirty and contaminated, this is where all the organic growth is coming from.

Removing 15mm of jointing sand will not affect the sub-structure of the paving at all, as a block is 50-60mm deep.

Because of the novel design of the surface cleaner it will keep all the waste matter on the floor, under control and not all over you or the surrounding areas

Driveway, Patio and Car Park Cleaning in Milton Keynes and Buckingham


Paving cleaning is charged out per square metre (sqm) The below prices are the starting prices per square metre the more square metres you have, so the square metre rate will come down. Please see the comparison in the boxes, between 50sqm and the greater 100sqm showing the typical lower square metre rate over the larger area

  • Block Paving Start at £4.00sqm (Including Re-Sanding)
  • Tarmac Start at £3.50sqm
  • Floated Concrete Start at £3.50sqm
  • Paving slabs Start at £3.50sqm
  • Indian Sandstone Start at £3.50sqm
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC), Start at £3.50sqm

During a site survey we will measure out you’re paving in square metres, we will advise if weedkilling or soft washing is required and identify if any oil stains are present, a course of action will be suggested.

We then return to our offices and run the figures through our “Area & Cost Calculator” software and provide you with a written quotation within 24 hours
To give you a rough idea on costs please see below

50 sqm
The average two car driveway tarmac or concrete
£175 (£3.50sqm)
Block Paving £200 (£4.00sqm)

100 sqm
The average four car driveway tarmac or concrete
£267 (£2.67sqm)
Block Paving £366 (£3.66sqm)