Gutters are quite often forgotten all about on the side of your home or premises, until the day they start to overflow.

In time as the moss falls from your roof and the leaves start to fall into your gutters this will eventually fill the gutters up and prevent the rainwater flowing freely away from your property,  usually finding its way into your home or premises causing some very expensive damp repairs

Does the thought of climbing a ladder to clear your gutters out, fill you with anxiety?

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Here at Crosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services we can do it for you, all from the safety of the ground.

Gutter cleaning Milton Keynes


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SkyVac Cleaning System

We use the World renowned SkyVac gutter cleaning system from Spinaclean, a machine that can clear gutters from the safety of the ground utilising a very power industrial wet and dry vacuum unit, combined with super lightweight super strong carbon fibre suction poles and on-board camera system.

Utilising SkyVac will also mean there will be no need for scaffolding or cherry pickers, this will mean savings for you as we can clean out your gutters with the SkyVac at a fraction of the cost of hiring scaffolding or cherry pickers

Our SkyVac is the World’s most powerful free-standing gutter cleaning machine. It has a lifting capacity of 5Kg plus and flow rate of 8000 litre of air per minute for rapid removal of dirt and debris from the gutters. The carbon fibre suction poles are the lightest they can possible be which means we can reach a maximum height of 12m (40ft) 4 storeys high.

The high specifications of the SkyVac and our expertise in using the system, will ensure your gutters will be performing to their full potential in no time and save you the heartache and considerable expense of damp repairs and the danger of climbing up a ladder

Our SkyVac Gutter Clearing Process

  • Carry out a full inspection of the gutters using SkyCam, to identify where the blockages are. Take photographs and video footage for reporting purposes
  • Feather up the suction poles to the desired height and vacuum out the debris from the gutters. The maximum height we can go to is 12m (40ft) 4 storeys high
  • Carry out a final inspection to ensure that the gutters are free of all blockages. Take photographs and video footage for reporting purposes
gutter cleaning Milton Keynes
For all types of environments
  • Domestic Properties large and small
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres
  • Leisure Centres
  • Public Houses
  • Building Developments
  • Warehouses
  • Office and Industrial/Commercial Trading Estates


Bungalows from £89

2 Storey Mid-Terrace from £89

3 Storey Mid-Terrace from £109

4 Storey Mid-Terrace from £129

2 Storey Semi–Detached from £99

3 Storey Semi–Detached from £119

4 Storey Semi–Detached from £139

2 Storey Detached from £109

3 Storey Detached from £129

4 Storey Detached from £149

If you have a garage at your property prices from £25

If you have a conservatory at your property prices from £25

Prices for Commercial and Industrial gutter cleaning is subject to a site survey, followed by a written quotation