Have you been looking up at all the unsightly roof moss, algae, dirt and lichen?

Are you getting fed up of the roof moss tumbling off and landing on your conservatory and having to keep sweeping it up off your patio?

Are you wondering what you can do to sort your roof moss problem out?

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It's easy - simply contact us here at β€œCrosbie’s Direct Cleaning Services” to get the roof moss removed and your roof professionally cleaned by us.


Moss removal before cleaning


Moss removal after cleaning

Why remove moss and clean your roof

  • The heavy growth of moss on roofs can impede the flow of water off your roof
  • Moss can tumble from your roof into your gutters therefore blocking your gutters allowing them to overflow and potentially cause damp to ingress into your home
  • Silt and dirt from your roof can be collected by the rainwater, which then flows into
    your downpipes and potentially cause blockages in your drains
  • Moss, algae, lichen and dirt makes your roof look un-sightly and tired
Heavy Moss on Roof
Heavy Moss on Roof
Roof moss removal Buckingham
During Scraping
Roof moss removal Milton Keynes
After scraping

How we remove moss and clean your roof

  • We remove the moss from the roof with a combination off specialist roof scrapers, SkyVac Vacuum and specially designed brushes.
  • We have blades & brushes to fit all roof tile profiles
  • Clear the gutters out after the moss has been removed from the roof, with SkyVac
  • Sweep up and bag up all waste surrounding the property and dispose of accordingly
  • Cover up all surrounding areas prior to application of biocide wash
  • Application of biocide wash
  • Your roof will be in safe hands as we clean roofs in association with a local professional roofing company
  • All areas to be left clean and tidy after works have been completed

Advantages of biocide wash

  • No aggressive action required to clean your roof
  • The biocide wash solution will kill all remaining moss, algae and lichen leaving the roof nice and clean.
  • There are some residual benefits of the biocide wash in that it prevents new organic growth from re-appearing as it is killed on contact and can last for a quite a few years to come
Moss removal biocide wash

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